Neeraj Rai
Neeraj Rai


Selected PublicationsTotal Publications by Neeraj Rai:  25 
Goel, H., & Rai, N. (2016). Exploring the Bulk Phase Properties and Structural Properties for CO2 and So2 Via First Principles Calculations. 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting, San Fransisco, CA.

Howlader, M. S., French, W., & Rai, N. (2016). Evaluation of Optimum Cell Disruption for Microbial Lipid Extraction Using High Pressure CO2. AIChE annul Meeting San Fransisco, CA.

Rai, N., Goel, H., Butler, C., Windom, Z., & Jackson, A. (2016). Modeling Sorption and Phase Equilibria Using CP2K Software Suite. 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting.

Howlader, M. S., French, W., Toghiani, H., Hartenbower, B., Pearson, L., DuBuien, J., & Rai, N. (2016). Measurement and Correlation of Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Triglycerides. J. Chemical Thermodynamics. Elsevier. 104, 252-260. [Document Site]

Jain, V., Hicks, J., & Rai, N. (2016). Elucidating Lewis Acidity of FeXMo2-XP Bimetallic Phosphide Catalyst: A Density Functional Theory Study. Southeastern Catalysis Society 15th Annual Fall Symposium, Asheville, NC.