Omid Askari (Omid)
Omid Askari (Omid)

Office: Carpenter 213

Research Interest:
Combustion, Auto-Ignition and Kinetic Analysis
High-pressure Spray and Combustion Characteristics at Engine-Relevant Conditions
Plasma-Assisted Combustion (non-thermal plasma)
Alternative and Low Greenhouse Gas Fuels
Flame Speed, Flame Structure and Flame Instability Studies
Spark Ignition, Flame Kernel and Plasma Formation
Laser Diagnostics and Optical Imaging Techniques

Selected PublicationsTotal Publications by Omid Askari (Omid):  14 
Askari, O. (2017). Calculation of Thermal Plasma Thermodynamic Properties for Arbitrary Gas Mixtures. International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Tampa, FL. [Abstract]

Forghan, F., Askari, O., Narusawa, U., & Metghalchi, H. (2017). Cooling of Turbine Blades With Expanded Exit Holes: Computational Analyses of Leading Edge and Pressure-Side of a Turbine Blade. Journal of Energy Resources Technology. 139(4), 042004. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Yu, G., Askari, O., & Metghalchi, H. (2017). Theoretical Prediction of the Effect of Blending JP8 with Syngas on the Ignition Delay Time and Laminar Burning Speed. Proceedings of ECOS 2017 - The 30th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems. San Diego, CA. [Abstract]

Yu, G., Metghalchi, H., & Askari, O. (2017). Combustion Simulation of Propane/Air Mixtures Using Rate-Controlled Constrained-Equilibrium. 10th U. S. National Combustion Meeting Organized by the Eastern States Section of the Combustion Institute. College Park, MD. [Abstract]

Askari, O., Elia, M., Ferrari, M., & Metghalchi, H. (2017). Cell Formation Effects on the Burning Speeds and Flame Front Area of Synthetic Gas at High Pressures and Temperatures. Applied Energy. 189, 568-577. [Abstract] [Document Site]