Movin' Maroon Held at CAVS

August 24, 2011

Roger King stood outside of Mississippi State's Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems Tuesday and eyed what he sees as the future of transportation. Looking at the Nissan Leaf, a completely electric vehicle, King said Mississippi needs to get ready.

"That's the future," said King, director of CAVS. "The cost of gasoline has just gotten too expensive."

But the future of energy policy and usage by businesses in the United States won't involve just one change. It will likely have many different types of alternatives to petroleum as it continues to move toward $4 a gallon at the pumps.

As researchers, government officials and business owners all struggle with the sluggish economy, they all agree that rising transportation costs affect their products and services. They discussed ways to improve energy costs through innovations and new research. From local governments using propane-fueled vehicles to solar and electric energy sources, MSU researchers and leaders continue to look for ways to improve energy policy in the country.

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